Spinning New Dreams

Yesterday evening I added a new project to my adventures…

You might have guessed it from the title.

I bought a spinning wheel.


I had been thinking about wanting a spinning wheel for years now.

Sort of quietly, occasionally watching you-tube “How To…” videos.

So when this gem of an antique popped up on my craigslist in working condition, It was hard to pass up.

So I didn’t pass it.  I called my husband and did a little plea and him being the man he is told me I could get it.

Thanks babe ❤

So I brought it home.  My new toy is a 1860s hand spinning wheel.  Build out of Maple, Oak and the now extinct American Chestnut.

I love having this beautiful piece of American History.

I keep looking at it, wondering what stories it could tell me about the past.

It was built during the Civil War.

I can’t help but wonder if it helped make uniforms.

Who’s side did it “fight” for?

Was grey or blue wool spun on it’s wheel?

 Or maybe this peaceful antique avoided war duties.  Instead working at the hands of a mother with many children.  Spinning wool for socks, coats or hats for all the little children.

Maybe this wheel has taught others to spin as It will be teaching me over 150 years later.  I’d love to think that a little girl learned to spin on this same wheel back in it’s new days the same way I’ll be learning this year 2018.

I may never know the history of this wheel, But I do plan on spending my time with it imagining what it could have achieved at the hands of a skilled spinner from the 1860s to now.

Kit and Spinning Wheel


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